ITG’s Integrated Information Systems are scalable and focused on solving the needs of our customers using productivity enhancements to proactively plan and capitalize on opportunities and events instead of reacting to them after they happen.

The combination of high-performance data collection, secure data storage, and superb analysis tools provide a mechanism to help managers make well-informed decisions. By leveraging web-based technologies and portal applications, all users with a web browser can securely connect to a wide range of data sources and data types, and easily create and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) such as asset utilization and efficiency, order status, inventory levels, quality, and traceability information. mobile applications also provide a layer of connectivity that tightens the gaps between the user and the enterprise-based information.

ITG can help you build the systems and infrastructure to deliver your information reliably, any time to systems and individuals anywhere.

Performance Monitoring

ITG can provide performance management solutions to collectively provide dashboards and displays to the entire organization regardless of location, level or groups. Because ITG deals with both IT and engineering groups, it is positioned to share and display information on the operator’s interface and through the organization via a portal and other web-based architectures using technologies such as .Net, JAVA, AJAX, Flash, Crystal Reports (SAP BusinessObjects), SQL Server Reporting Services (Microsoft), custom web services and others.

Monitoring how an organization performs is key to its success. KPI, or Key Process Indicators, are used to monitor business drivers that in turn promote organizational awareness. It is crucial that all KPIs are tied to business objectives and goal and be quantifiable (or measurable).

Similar to safety, an organization that is “aware” has a significantly higher opportunity for success to achieve its proposed goals. KPIs vary within the vertical spectrum of the enterprise. While enterprise KPIs may monitor variables such as profit-loss, pre-tax profit and time base financial performance, Manufacturing KPIs may target safety, quality, and other production target goals.

Whether it’s for the corporate executive or the production operator or external customers and suppliers, ITG can deliver a suite of reporting tools and capabilities tailored to fit the needs of the business.

Power Monitoring and Energy Management

ITG leverages energy management systems to provide real-time information to clients and applications to control energy costs while optimizing production and business-related tasks.

Power monitoring solutions allow the end user to plan and coordinate activities during peak times. These solutions also provide continuous information to monitor performance and compare against known baseline(s) that in turn facilitate the compliance of energy-based initiatives.

Power Monitoring “GREEN” Technologies and projects rely heavily on energy monitoring and management solutions to capture data for ROI and future capital funding. In many cases, these monitoring systems and their tightly coupled information systems, collect the necessary sample data used to analyze post-project performance and deliverables.


  • Distributed HMI (Client/Server, Terminal Services, Thin Clients, Mobile)
  • Database Design (MSSql, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Automated Reporting (MSSql Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, WW HMI Reporting)
  • Application Development (VB/C# .NET, Java, PHP, HTML, XAML)
  • Networking Engineering (Routers, Firewalls, Intelligent Switching)
  • Radio Modems (900mHz, 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz, MDS, Motorola Canopy, Data-Linc Group)
  • RFID & Bar Code Reader Identification
  • Data Center Design and Implementation
  • Power Monitoring
  • Manufacturing Intelligence
  • CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System)
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Data Historian
  • KPI Reporting

Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence is now used in manufacturing and industrial applications with machine learning and neural networks to provide vital information about equipment and alert you before problems occur. We make your machines smart and tell you when anomalies are present that could cause costly downtime.

ITG offers a full set of capabilities for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics tools to maintain and extend the life of your critical assets. ITG analytic solutions not only prevents machine failure but also improve quality, prevent accidents and environmental disasters.

ITG is an authorized SORBA solution partner.

SORBA.ai is a fully automated Industrial AI + ML + IoT platform using predictive & prescription analytics to tell you WHEN & HOW breakdowns will occur much earlier than any standard technology available today. SORBA.ai  is a fully integrated solution that automates the process of machine learning and does not require a data scientist to find results. SORBA.ai software makes the hard work easy by gathering the data, pre-processing data, analyzing and generating the results.

SORBA.ai can predict and prevent failures, improve efficiency, keep people safe, protect the environment, and diagnose your system(s). It’s like having your own personal doctor for your business! With SORBA.ai, machine learning and predictive analytics in Manufacturing and Process Control are a reality!


  • SORBA.ai collects machine sensor data from the plant floor and transfers it to the cloud for analysis
  • SORBA.ai learns from this data and finds patterns in the data
  • From this data, SORBA.ai detects anomalies and classifies them as failure, quality events, or safety issues.
  • SORBA.ai creates and deploys “smart agents” that operate and monitor equipment “on the edge”
  • SORBA’s “smart agents” monitor your system 24/7 and when a problem is detected, an email notification is automatically sent with a priority list of sensors for root cause analysis.

ITG’s trained SORBA.ai specialists help you through implementation, provide training and consultation through the process of configuration and optimization. Industries include mining, food/beverage, transportation, pharmaceuticals, steel and water/wastewater.

For predictive analytic applications that do not apply to machine breakdowns, ITG’s on staff data scientists, provide custom analytic development services for applications requiring regression, classification, and clustering or custom models that operate in your PLC control system.


Simple – Complete IoT end-to-end solution. Simple and easy configuration from your sensor to your predictions. No programming required.

Complete – Make your machines smarter – Integrate and manage devices, collect and store unlimited data, predict and prevent failures and reduce process variability.

Enterprise – Connect sensor data from anywhere in the world to predictive analytics, and provide industrial data collection, machine learning, and a distributed big data historian all-in-one solution!