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ITG understands that in order for your business to maintain its competitive edge, it must continuously adapt to the changes and the pressures brought on by market and customer demands.

EMI, Data Analytics & IIoT

ITG’s Integrated Information Systems are scalable and focused on solving the needs of our customers using productivity enhancements to proactively plan and capitalize on opportunities and events instead of reacting to them after they happen.


The backbone of every safety plan, project, or analysis is the Risk Assessment. Through this process our team will identify all possible means of employee duress. These can range from the realm of ergonomics to electrical or mechanical threats.


Looking to improve your manufacturing performance? You need a Real-Time Performance Management solution. And our MES helps create flawless manufacturing processes and provide real-time feedback of requirement changes and provide information at a single source.

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About Us

We build new and adapt existing technologies to facilitate enterprise, production, and automation.
ITG works with other companies to create unique solutions.

ITG provides custom solutions and services to a broad group of businesses. With over 100 years of combined experience and a skilled staff of engineers and IT professionals, ITG is able to provide innovative solutions based on experience and industry standards.

ITG maintains strong relationships with a broad spectrum of business partners focused on creating state-of-the-art tools and technology for a variety of industry types. This enables ITG to integrate these tools as building blocks to help implement customized solutions for your specific business needs.

  • Mission

    We help our clients achieve productivity and exceed performance and compliance goals through innovative engineering, design, network, information, and software technologies.

  • Our Team

    With over 100 years of collective experience, The ITG team continually strives to bring new thinking to the table, and offer solutions that are creative, efficient and focused.

  • Our Expertise

    ITG is committed to providing the highest quality technologies solutions and IT design services on time and on budget, measuring its success by customer satisfaction and its reputation.

  • Our Clients

    Since 2003, ITG has provided engineered solutions and information technology to enhance the productivity of businesses and industries. Here are just some of the companies we've worked with over the years:


Meet The Team
Aldo Ferrante
Aldo Ferrante
CEO & President
President and CEO of ITG Technologies since it’s inception in 2003. Aldo Oversees business development and operations and leads a management team and engineering staff. With over 25 years of experience in automation and information technology industries, he achieved great success in providing turn-key solutions to clients in the technology sector, including the manufacturing and municipality industries.
Yandy Perez-Ramos
Yandy Perez-Ramos
Chief Technology Officer
Yandy oversees all Data Analytics & Innovation initiatives here at ITG. As one of the most recognized data scientists in the world, his thought leadership and proven track record on how to combine the world of industrial automation with cutting edge predictive analytics technologies is bar none. His extensive background and skills is in Machine Learning, Big Data and AI.


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