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Your Premier Partner for Modernizing Municipal Water and Wastewater Systems

Transforming Utilities for the Future

ITG is a leader in industrial automation systems integration with a specialized focus on modernizing municipal water and wastewater management systems. With our holistic approach and cutting-edge technology, we're not just automating utilities—we're future-proofing them. Here’s a snapshot of the rich skill set and experience we bring to every project:

Technical Mastery

System Integration:
Pioneers in Turnkey Solutions: At ITG, we specialize in seamlessly integrating SCADA, PLCs, and other control systems, employing industry standards to create foolproof turnkey solutions.

State-of-the-Art Industrial Automation:
The Future, Today: Leveraging the latest advancements in industrial automation, we're transforming antiquated systems into contemporary powerhouses.

Electrical Engineering Expertise:
Customized to Fit: Our in-house electrical engineering team excels in crafting custom electrical blueprints, ensuring each utility's control systems function at their peak.

Innovative Control Panel Design:
Tailored for Safety & Efficiency: ITG goes beyond compliance with safety regulations. We design control panels that meet each utility’s specific operational needs.

SCADA Proficiency:
Centralized Excellence: Our SCADA solutions offer centralized control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring your utility systems are more than just automated—they're intelligently managed.

Managerial Excellence

Holistic Approach:
Full-Spectrum Project Management: By melding software engineering, electrical engineering, and data analytics, we deliver a unified, comprehensive solution.

Custom Solutions, Exceptional Results: We understand that every utility has unique needs. That’s why our offerings are tailored to meet your specific requirements and expectations.

Compliance and Beyond:
Meeting and Exceeding Standards: Our solutions are engineered to not only meet but exceed industry and regulatory standards.

Sustainability Focus:
Efficiency Today, Sustainability Tomorrow: Our strategic approach ensures that your systems are not only efficient but also geared for long-term sustainability.

Data-Driven Insights

Real-Time Monitoring:
Stay Informed: Using data analytics, our solutions offer real-time insights into your system’s performance.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning
Forward-Thinking: Our integration of machine learning and predictive analytics sets us apart, providing actionable insights for preventive maintenance and process optimization.

Why Choose ITG?

With years of industry specialization, a commitment to innovation, and a resource-rich in-house team, ITG stands out as a premier choice for modernizing municipalwater and wastewater systems. Partner with us to make your utility systems robust, efficient, and future-ready while safeguarding both natural resources and public health.

Contact us today to discuss how ITG can revolutionize your municipal water and wastewater systems.

Revolutionizing Transportation with AI & Predictive Analytics

Elevate Your Transportation Network with ITG’s Advanced Solutions

ITG is a pioneer in transforming the transportation sector through specialized AI and predictive analytics. We bring unmatched expertise to Class 1 rail systems, trucking operations, and public transit, providing real-time insights that drive safety, efficiency, and reliability. Discover our unique skill set and how it makes us the go-to partner for your transportation needs.

Pioneering Predictive Analytics

Class 1 Rail Transportation
Complexity Simplified: With analytics tools tailored to handle the scale and intricacy of major rail networks, we provide solutions that detect early signs of rail switch degradation and monitor engine health.

Safety & Efficiency: Our technology dramatically minimizes the risk of costly incidents, enhancing both safety and operational effectiveness.

Public Transit and Trucking
Anticipate to Elevate: Our edge analytics empower operators to foresee and address maintenance and performance issues, resulting in more dependable services and safer transit operations.

Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Edge Predictive Analytics
Mission-Critical Monitoring: Gain real-time insights into key components like engines, rail switches, and facility operations, enabling rapid response and preventive actions.

Data-Driven Decisions: Make more informed choices that optimize safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness across your transportation network.

Why Choose ITG?

Whether it's the fine-tuning of a city's public transit system, the optimization of long-haul trucking routes, or elevating the standards for Class 1 rail safety, our state-of-the-art analytics tools offer comprehensive solutions for the modern transportation ecosystem.

Cost-Effective: By predicting and preventing problems before they escalate, we help you significantly cut down on maintenance and operational costs.

Safety First: Our focus on real-time monitoring and predictive analytics ensures that your operations are not just efficient but also safe.

Innovation at Scale: We bring innovation to large-scale transportation networks, making them more secure, efficient, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Partner with ITG to take your transportation operations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge predictive analytics can transform your transportation network.

Your Expert Partner in Life Sciences Automation and Safety

Achieving Operational Excellence with Compliance and Safety

ITG, your go-to partner for end-to-end automation solutions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. With in-depth expertise in regulatory standards, MES, OEE, data collection, and machine safety, we offer you unparalleled operational and safety excellence. Discover what sets us apart.

Mastery in Regulatory and Safety Standards

Above Compliance: Our solutions not only comply with rigorous standards like 21 CFR Part 11 but go beyond, setting the bar high for quality and safety.

GAMP Standards: Our engineering designs align with Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP), ensuring optimal quality and machine safety.

Machine Safety: Specialized knowledge in machine safety protocols to ensure robust, risk-minimized operations.

Validation and Data Expertise
Validation Know-How: Profound understanding of the validation process, essential in highly regulated environments.

Data Collection & Integrity: Secure and accurate data collection techniques that bolster both compliance and operational insights.

Excellence in Operational Metrics

MES Expertise: Proven skills in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), allowing seamless, efficient, and tracked manufacturing operations.

OEE Mastery: Utilize our expertise in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to maximize equipment productivity and minimize downtime.

Comprehensive Automation Solutions
Holistic Approach: Our services extend from process automation to data integrity, MES, OEE, and machine safety, offering a unified platform for all your needs.

Tailored Solutions: Custom solutions designed to not only meet but exceed your specific requirements for operational efficiency and safety.

Why ITG is Your Best Choice

Unparalleled Quality: Adherence to the highest industry standards guarantees you operational reliability and safety.

Operational Brilliance: Navigate the complexities of regulatory and safety standards, achieving unparalleled operational excellence.

One-Stop-Shop: Our comprehensive suite covers everything from compliance to performance metrics, making us your all-in-one partner for life sciences automation and safety.

Transform youroperations in life sciences with ITG, where compliance meets operational andsafety excellence. Contact us today to discover our specialized, holisticsolutions.

Revolutionize Your Food & Beverage Manufacturing with ITG

Transforming the Food & Beverage Sector for Unmatched Efficiency and Sustainability
In today's competitive and challenging market, the food & beverage sector faces increasing pressure to optimize its manufacturing processes. ITG stands out as your ideal partner, offering custom automation and analytics solutions designed to modernize your operations. Our advanced systems not only maximize efficiency and minimize waste, but they also provide real-time data for intelligent decision-making. By partnering with ITG, you're choosing long-term operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Revamp Your Brewing Processes

We provide cutting-edge solutions in:·        
Yeast Separation -
Machine learning algorithms for optimal yeast quality and separation.·        

Filters -
Automated filtration for quality and efficiency improving yield by 20%.·        

Brew Kettles -
Automated control systems and energy reduction optimization for perfect brewing.·        

Pasteurization -
Predictive maintenance improved control systems that includes ambient conditions.·        

Milling -
Machine learning for consistent milling quality and reduced waste root cause analysis.

Optimize Packaging and Bottling through Advanced Automation

Leading-Edge Engineering Services:       
Batch Processing - Leverage highly efficient, PLC-controlled batch management systems.       

Discrete Manufacturing - Utilize SCADA and Motion Control systems for high-speed, high-quality bottling and packaging.      

Lean Manufacturing – Enhance Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) through visualization tools and machine learning algorithms that optimize the entire packaging value stream.      

Utility Refrigeration - Achieve up to 20% reduction in energy consumption with our adaptive, efficient refrigeration solutions.   

Steam Boilers - Cut down on fuel costs and emissions with our machine learning-optimized steam boilers.

Predictive maintenance - Minimize downtime and improve efficiency through data-driven predictive maintenance strategies.

Why Choose ITG?

Unmatched Expertise - With a rich background in industrial automation technologies such as PLCs, SCADA, Motion Control, and VFD drivers, ITG is your one-stop-shop for transforming your operations.      

Holistic Solutions - We specialize in both brewing and packaging, offering state-of-the-art solutions for batch processing and discrete manufacturing as well.

Committed to Sustainability - We help your business meet sustainability goals by significantly reducing energy and water consumption, with a specific focus on optimizing refrigeration and steam boilers.

Make the Smart Choice. Choose ITG.

In a world that’s increasingly prioritizing both efficiency and sustainability, ITG provides cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions that significantly improve your bottom line while reducing your carbon footprint. By employing advanced automation and machine learning technologies, we adapt to ever-changing conditions to consistently deliver optimal yield and efficiency.

Contact us today to revolutionize your food & beverage manufacturing processes!

Elevate Manufacturing Efficiency with OEE and ITG's Advanced Automation Systems

Why OEE is Crucial for Consumer Products Manufacturing Efficiency

In the highly competitive field of consumer products manufacturing, efficiency isn't just an advantage—it's a necessity. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is an invaluable tool that evaluates your manufacturing efficiency by focusing on three core metrics: Availability, Performance, and Quality. OEE not only identifies areas that require improvement but also offers insights into eliminating bottlenecks and optimizing processes.

ITG's Technological Expertise: A Game-Changer in Automation

PLCs, SCADA, Robotics, and Motion Control
ITG brings unparalleled expertise in the automation control landscape. Our capabilities extend to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, robotics, and motion control. These technologies form the backbone of modern manufacturing automation, ensuring that your operations are streamlined, reliable, and adaptable.

Machine Learning Integration
We supercharge these automation systems with machine learning algorithms to offer predictive operational insights. This integration takes your manufacturing processes to the next level, allowing for real-time adjustments that can anticipate issues and optimize performance.

Predictive Operations for Minimal Down time
The cost of unplanned downtime can be detrimental. Our machine learning-powered systems continuously analyze equipment performance and process variables to predict and prevent downtime before it happens.

Uncompromising Quality
Quality defines your brand. Our intelligent automation systems not only enhance efficiency but also ensure that each product meets your rigorous quality standards.

Seamless Integration
Our solutions are designed for seamless integration with your existing systems, making the transition to a more efficient operation as smooth as possible.

Choose ITG: Your Roadmap to Optimal Efficiency

With ITG's advanced automation technologies and a deep understanding of OEE, we provide an end-to-end solution that takes your consumer products manufacturing to new heights. Our systems minimize costs and maximize both quality and efficiency—ultimately reducing your environmental footprint without compromising on performance.

Choose ITG to navigate the complexities of today's manufacturing demands skillfully.

Contact Us today to discover how ITG's advanced automation solutions can redefine your manufacturing efficiency.

Unlock Unparalleled Efficiency in Paper & Wood Products Manufacturing with ITG

The High-Stakes Environment of Paper & Wood Manufacturing

In an industry defined by low margins and high operational speeds, inefficiency is a luxury that paper and wood products manufacturers cannot afford. Downtime is devastatingly expensive, maintenance costs can escalate quickly, and the sheer volume of real-time data can be overwhelming.

Costly Downtime and Maintenance: No Longer Inevitable

The continuous and high-speed nature of this industry necessitates that equipment like Yankee dryers and doctor blades are run to their extremes. A momentary lapse in operation can result in significant losses, while constant wear and tear on machinery parts leads to frequent, costly maintenance.

ITG’s Advanced Analytics and Automation Solutions

Predictive Operations: Yankee Dryers and Doctor Blades
ITG leverages machine learning to offer real-time predictive maintenance, notably on critical components like Yankee dryers and doctor blades. Our algorithms can predict wear by analyzing various parameters, including vibration and process variables, thereby reducing downtime and extending the life of these components.

Real-Time Vibration Analysis and Predictive Root Cause
Our solutions include real-time vibration analysis to promptly identify any discrepancies in machinery health. Coupled with predictive root cause analysis, this allows for preemptive action before small issues escalate into costly failures.

Enhancing Yield in Converting Lines and Paper Machines

ITG's systems are adept at improving converting line yields and optimizing paper machine processes. By leveraging predictive analytics, we help you identify inefficiencies and quality issues in real-time, allowing for immediate corrections.

Energy Efficiency Through AI
Energy consumption is a major operational cost in the pulp and paper industry. ITG applies artificial intelligence to monitor and analyze energy usage patterns, providing actionable insights to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Why Partner with ITG?

In an unforgiving environment where each second and cent matter, ITG's solutions stand as a beacon of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our advanced machine learning and predictive analytics technologies transform your massive data streams into actionable insights, helping you reduce costs, minimize downtime, and enhance overall efficiency.

Trust ITG to guide you through the complexities of high-speed, low-margin manufacturing, offering you a path towards more efficient, reliable, and profitable operations.

Contact Us today to discuss how ITG can revolutionize your paper and wood products manufacturing processes.

Navigate the Complexities of Metals & Mining with ITG's Advanced Solutions

The Rigorous Demands of Metal Manufacturing and Mining

The metals and mining sector is a crucible of extreme conditions, presenting some of the harshest and most dangerous manufacturing environments. From the need for stringent control over temperatures in metal processing to the intense physical demand on mining equipment, the challenges are numerous and the stakes are high. One slight fluctuation in temperature during the metal processing can lead to downstream problems in the rolling process. Maintenance work, necessary yet overwhelming, often involves dangerous conditions and complicated repairs.

Addressing the Challenges with ITG's Advanced AI and Machine Learning

Precise Reheat Furnace Control
One of the critical points in metal manufacturing is maintaining precise temperatures in reheat furnaces to ensure quality and performance downstream. ITG’s AI-based solutions are designed to provide meticulous control over reheat furnace conditions. Through machine learning algorithms, our systems predict and adjust furnace conditions in real-time, reducing flaws in the rolling process and thereby cutting downtime.

Cost-Efficient Mining Truck Operations
In mining, heavy-duty trucks are the backbone of operations, but they are also a significant cost center. ITG employs advanced analytics to monitor real-time data on engine performance, oil quality, and other variables. By predicting engine problems before they happen, we help prolong the lifespan of this critical equipment and reduce the cost of operations.

IoT and Remote Monitoring: A Game Changer
Internet of Things (IoT) technology brings another layer of sophistication to our solutions. Wireless sensors collect data from remote or hazardous locations, feeding real-time information into our analytics platform. This not only enhances predictive maintenance but also offers a safer and more cost-effective approach to monitoring and control.

Why Choose ITG?

Navigating the intricacies of the metals and mining industry demands solutions that are as robust as they are intelligent. ITG’s machine learning and AI technologies offer precisely that, turning challenges into opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction.

Whether you're dealing with the precise conditions required in metal manufacturing or the high costs and risks in mining operations, ITG's advanced solutions are built to enhance your control and reduce your costs.

Contact Us today to learn how ITG can help you surmount the complexities of the metals and mining industry.

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